You can find all registration forms for Euro Scale Modeling here. Euro Scale Modelling offers many opportunities for participation, in the modelling competition, at the trade fair – commercial and private – and at the show. You can register until October 25. Make sure you fill in everything correctly, applying for electricity after the registration has been accepted costs € 10 extra. It is not possible to request electricity on the day of the fair

Modelling competition

The ESM 2023 only has a physical competition on premise of the EXPO Houten. No online competition will be organised. You can register from September 1.

Regions and SIGs, Show Tables and Modelling Clubs

Many IPMS regions, Special Interest Groups (SIGs) individual members, associations and modelling clubs are happy to show their plastic and cardboard models built. There are hundreds of models on the modeling show. Many participants in the show are also actively working on a model. Of course you can also ask them questions. They would be gladly answering you! They are happy to explain the finer points of the hobby! All IPMS regions, Special Interest Groups (SIGs), individual members, associations and model building clubs compete for several prizes, like the “Best Group Display” or the “Pat Beentjes Award”.
Note that the show tables are NOT intended for sale.


Euro Scale Modeling is the largest event for plastic modelling on the European mainland. You can participate in the Euro Scale Modelling fair as a (web) retailer or other type of trader, but you can also reserve a table as a private individual. is a form for both forms of participation.

Traders commercial and private

Many commercial traders – from home and abroad – come to ESM to offer their wares in the field of (plastic) modeling for sale, both new model building items and second-hand. Private traders are (almost) always IPMS-members who offer their models as well as their surplus stock for sale. They can reserve table space on ESM to sell their modeling equipment.

Become a member of IPMS

Becoming a member of IPMS Nederland offers many advantages. Like free access to the Euro Scale Modeling, you will also receive the IPMS magazine Modelbouw in Plastic (MIP) 5 times a year. You can register with the region where you live for the fun and educational regional meetings. You can join one or more Special Interest Groups (SIG) and you can count on the help of your fellow modellers in the IPMS. If you want to become a member of IPMS Nederland, you can fill in the form on this website or register at the IPMS information booth at the ESM.