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Dear modelling friends, participants of our ESM: the next event will take place November 25, 2023!

News January 10, 2023:

ESM 2022: some afterthoughts

November 26, 2022 is already some time behind us but it is remembered as a success. After two years of disappointment it was nice to see it was busy: many walked around with a smiling face, hunting for that one kit or materials.
It was also successful for the organization, with even a small positive amount after all expenses were known.

Did everything go well then? No, of course not, there are always points for improvement or things we hadn’t thought of. Fortunately, most incidents could be resolved on the Friday night or Saturday morning, however it was still a little annoying.

All these issues and many more were discussed last December 10 during the evaluation between the ESM team and the IPMS-board. During the evaluation, in a good mood but still firm, the points were gone through and solutions and plans how to do it better already came up.
So there will be some adjustments that will not be visible for you as participant/visitor but will make it a lot easier for the organization and team. There will also be minor adjustments to the website to make it even easier to use.

There will also be improvements at the competition. Now some categories were very close together and others had space to spare. This meant that the judging was not quite perfect, but there are already plans to prevent this next year.

What was really nice was the number of volunteers who had signed up. Fantastic, because many hands make light work. We therefore hope that you will sign up as a volunteer again for ESM 2023, you can do so via the form on this site. Here, too, things did not run completely smoothly, but this too has been discussed and adjustments will be made.

The first discussions with Expo regarding the ESM 2023 will be held in February.

Unfortunately, in the ESM team a vacancy was left. Namely for the registrations of traders, private sellers and the clubs. Ideally we would like to have two people for this to ease the workload, because there is quite a bit of work and time involved to do this properly.
So if you think this is something for you sign up! Please use the contact form on this site, but you can also do so at:

Put in your agenda:
Euro Scale Modelling 2023 is November 25 in Expo Houten!

Henk Hirs
President IPMS Netherlands, ESM 2023 coordinator
The ESM team

Plastic Modelling is the nicest, most creative and finest hobby for young and old that you can imagine. At the ESM you will find just about everything: kits, paints, glue, tools and everything further that you may need to enjoy Plastic Modelling. Furthermore, there will be a traditional model competition in a number of categories.

There will not only be traders present, but also individual members who offer kits and books from their own collection for sale. And there will be model builders who will demonstrate their techniques and show their finest models. There is ample opportunity for inspiration and for buying new (or old!) kits.



The Scale Models For Vets Foundation facilitates building events in the afternoon or evening for veterans. Kits are made available for those veterans who have to manage with little or no budget.

The site of Scale Model World in Telford, which will take place November 11 and 12, 2023.


Wonderful prizes can be won at the Tombola at the ESM. Tickets are only 50 Eurocents, available at the IPMS Netherlands promotional booth.


IPMS Netherlands

Euro Scale Modelling is being organized by IPMS (International Plastic Modellers Society) Netherlands. The event is hosted in the large halls of the Expo Houten. The ESM extends to an area of more than 9000 sq.m. That is 2.2 acres! There is ample catering available so you may sit and chat with other visitors and make new acquaintances while enjoying a nice snack.


All information about the IPMS Netherlands and the ESM is available at the IPMS information booth. The review models featured in the 2019 issues of our magazine Modelbouw In Plastic, MIP for short, will be displayed at the IPMS information booth.